Truly Cutting-Edge Countertop Technology


Planning from Source to Space

There’s so much more to countertops than what you gather around. Before it becomes the centerpiece of entertaining or a decorative touch to your bathroom, our stone products travel thousands of miles, sourced from the finest quarries. That’s why it’s so important we get everything about your space perfect in the planning stage.

Rather than cut your counters based only on the physical measurements like other fabricators, we incorporate technology into the planning process that takes into account the things measurements won’t tell you.  The color options, surface selections, material integrity and more–every detail is looked over by our professionals.

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Bringing a Virtual Vision to Life

Even though our countertops are cut from the rock, there’s nothing Stone Age about what we do. First In Counters is proud to be forward-thinking when it comes to merging design and technology. Our digital templating of natural and quartz stone lets you see what the finished product will look like in your space before anything is cut.

Stonesmith imaging provides accurate, detailed tools for getting the measurements right, and ultimately getting the perfect look for you kitchen, bathroom or commercial space.


See Our Technology in Action